How to Dress Up a Casual Summer Skirt or Tank

Good morning, Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. This morning we have to pack up and go to the Hyatt Chesapeake. I am enjoying my last morning with coffee, my laptop and this beautiful view. It’s warmer today than the previous two mornings, so that I can sit outside. It’s perfect!! Someone walked […]

Tips to Make You Look More Beautiful – How to Look More Beautiful

These are 13 beautiful habits that women have. This effortless, attractive look is possible too. They use a few tricks every day to keep their skin looking good. How to appear more beautiful naturally. These tips have worked for me. Moisturize Natural beauty is a sign of beauty. A great moisturizer is essential. Make sure […]

Ten Guaranteed Ways to Look Smarter Than You Are

Although it’s nice to be intelligent, intelligence can be difficult to define. It is often just as important to be as smart people believe you are as you are. It turns out that intelligence is only 20% of what you do in your life. The remaining 80% can be attributed to emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ […]


Fashion is back in a big way. After several months inside, the world of haute couture and ready-to-wear is ready to put bright colors, patterns, and exaggerated pieces into action. An accumulation of nostalgia, expression of vibrancy, body positivity, and a touch of glitter, this season is embracing the maximalist aesthetic. Essentially, more is more […]


Being able to dress chic and stylish every day is a skill that can be difficult to master. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the top 15 style tips that every woman should know. While they may seem small and simple, these handy tips will revolutionize the way that you dress on a daily basis. […]


Elegance for everyday life. Elegance and luxury. Elegance and style. These are just a few of the reasons why we have a longstanding grudge about Italian men who for too long have made dressing well look childish. How did they do it? One Italian gentleman has some ideas and is making it his mission. Luca […]

How to Get Wrinkles out of Clothes

Everyone wants to look their best. But what happens when your shirt is wrinkled? You might be on the move and not have access to a reliable iron. Even better, what about if you don’t have an iron? There must be a way to remove wrinkles! There are many ways to remove wrinkles from clothes using household items […]

The 12 Different Types Of Fabric

Understanding fabric is important, whether you’re making new clothes or cleaning out old ones. This is especially important if you own a piece of fabric that will last a long time. Different fabrics have different properties which can greatly influence how you care for your clothes. One example is how you clean a garment’s fiber content. Let’s look […]

If You Care About The Environment, You Should Care About Where Your Activewear Comes From

Unfortunately the globalisation of the fashion industry has had a fairly devastating impact on the face of our planet today. For starters there’s the fact that seemingly innocuous ‘natural’ fibres such as conventional cotton can account for just 2.4% of the world’s land and yet 24% of the world’s insecticides. Or the fact that cheap […]

Which Fabrics Can Actually Be Recycled, And Why Does It Matter?

Waste is a huge issue in the modern fashion industry. An estimated 15-20% of the fabric used to create a garment ends up wasted and each Australian purchases an average 27 kilograms of new clothing per year. Of this, 23 kilograms will then be thrown away. Which is why proper garment recycling is essential. Unfortunately, […]