How to Dress Up a Casual Summer Skirt or Tank

Good morning, Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. This morning we have to pack up and go to the Hyatt Chesapeake. I am enjoying my last morning with coffee, my laptop and this beautiful view. It’s warmer today than the previous two mornings, so that I can sit outside. It’s perfect!!
Someone walked past and said, “Nice office!”
To save time, I prepared all my posts in advance. I also follow up on comments and send out daily emails. I share my posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and sometimes Twitter. Because I love to wake up early and my family loves to sleep in, it works well.
Today’s post is a little different. I ran out of outfits for the 22 Day Summer Fashion, so I recycled some content instead of trying to make something new.
Two casual summer skirts were my last year’s, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about accessorizing.
These two outfits are very similar and were created with a simple summer skirt and tank top. You can put on a tank and a skirt and call that a day. But some tricks make it look more polished and professional.
When putting together an outfit, it is important to consider fit and proportion. Fit and proportion are key to good fashion. I have often stated that this is what I believe. But, I have been taking Kelly’s Adore Your Wardrobe course, and it has changed my life. I am so passionate about being an affiliate. This course is closed, but I will let you know when it opens up again.
After you have your outfit’s base sorted out and it looks balanced, you can start to add accessories. Steel Magnolias is one of my all-time favourite movies. Accessorizing is the only thing that makes us different from animals. LOL!!!
I tend to under-accessorize, so the Rule of Four is one of my favourite lessons from Adore Your Wardrobe. Kelly shared her Rule of Four lesson publicly during signups for the May course. You should have at least four accessories for each outfit. This has been a huge game-changer for me, as I am a plain person and feel that my outfits lack something.
The two outfits that I am sharing today are great examples of the Rule of Four in action.
I wore a black tank with a denim skirt as my first outfit. It’s so simple, I know. A t-shirt with a shorter sleeve will also work if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a tank top.


This outfit is boring without layers and accessories. But with the added jewellery and the striped bag. Let’s add the points. I earned a point on the statement earrings, the layered bracelets and the sunglasses. That’s three.
For a total of four points, the striped tote adds another point. I think the ring is the fifth point. I don’t know if it is the Fitbit bracelet. But as you can see, I have already reached my goal of four points. All the rest are a bonus.
Although the sandals are black and don’t usually count as black shoes, they have some bling, so I guess they would be an additional point to this look.
Here’s how I transformed a basic black tank and skirt into a well-constructed outfit using only a few simple accessories. You can also add colour to neutral outfits like this. You can make this outfit more visually interesting by adding colour with tassel earrings, pink sandals, or brightly coloured bags. A layer like a cardigan or a jacket in colour would be a nice touch.
Next is an orange tank with an olive green cargo pant that I have worn to death many times over the past summers.

This tank top is perfect for me because it’s the right length. My other tanks are too long, so I let them bunch up (see black one). This orange tank is still mine, but it’s too faded to be worn this year. It’s probably time to get rid of it. However, I don’t want to give it up because the tops available right now are too long. I will need to choose a few of my favourites and have them tailored. It’s not expensive to shorten a tank or t-shirt, but it can make all the difference in how the outfit fits and looks.
Let’s count the points. The bracelet, striped bag, and necklace are all points.
Three more points are awarded for the sunglasses, the large earrings and the blingy sandals. This is six points total, which seems a lot. However, all my jewellery is very delicate, so it doesn’t seem excessive.
If I were to put together this outfit now, I would add a stack of bracelets. Or perhaps layer necklaces with a shorter neckline and a longer pendant that breaks up the front. It works as it is. I LOOKED PUT TOGETHER because I added jewellery, an oversized striped bag, and blingy sandals.
This post will show you how simple it is to transform a casual summer skirt or tank into an outfit that looks professional and polished.
Let us know your thoughts. Are you a fan of the Rule of Four? Your thoughts are welcome!
I also wanted to mention the sandals I wore in these two outfits. While I was still healing from a foot injury, I lived almost exclusively in Vionic sandals last summer. They do have many other styles. However, this style has been discontinued. Vionic Shoes are great for picky feet. Even though my foot injuries have been healed, I still wear them from time to time. Although they require some time to get used to, they are very comfortable and good for your feet. They are highly recommended. They are especially beneficial for people with plantar fasciitis.

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