How to Get Wrinkles out of Clothes

Everyone wants to look their best. But what happens when your shirt is wrinkled? You might be on the move and not have access to a reliable iron. Even better, what about if you don’t have an iron? There must be a way to remove wrinkles!

There are many ways to remove wrinkles from clothes using household items other than an iron. I’m talking flat irons and teapots as well as towels.

Have I piqued your interest? These are some tips to help you get rid of wrinkles from your clothes.

Wrinkle Prevention

Preventing wrinkles from happening is the best way to remove them. You should immediately remove your clothes from the dryer and hang them. Don’t let them become cold or wrinkly .

Use Beauty Products to Reduce Wrinkles

Did you know that a flat iron and a blow dryer can remove wrinkles? To get rid of tiny wrinkles, you can use the flat iron quickly. Take the garment and pull it tight. Then, run the straightener a few times over the wrinkles. Before you use the flat iron, make sure it is clean.

To use the blow dryer, place it at least two inches from your clothing. Use short blasts to heat the air to remove wrinkles. To smoothen the wrinkles further, use the blow dryer and run your fingers over them.

Be careful with the heat when using either of these options to ensure that clothing doesn’t get burnt.



There are two ways to get rid of wrinkles from clothes. First, use the shower. The second is to close the doors and windows in your bathroom. Hang the wrinkled clothing from the shower road. You can save time and steam your clothes while you wait. This tip is great for those who travel.

A teapot can be used to steam the kettle. The teapot should be boiled and the kettle placed on the spot to steam.


The Dryer

If you have the time, steam can also be created in your dryer. You can do this with ice cubes. You can also use damp socks to make a thinner, more wrinkled piece of clothing. A damp towel will work for thicker, heavier material. You can also use a damp dryer sheet.

Place your damp clothing in the dryer along with the wrinkled clothes. Dry it on medium for approximately 15 minutes. The dryer’s heat will cause the water to react with it and produce steam. Before you put it in the dryer, lightly mist the wrinkled area.


Other Options for Wrinkles

If you have damp towels, place your wrinkled clothes under a damp towel. Then, gently press down on the wrinkles and smooth them out with your hands. After drying it, hang it up to dry.

A wrinkle remover is another option. Make your own by filling a spray bottle filled with cold water and adding a capful liquid fabric softener. Mist the clothing. For a quicker result, smoothen the wrinkles with your hands. You can use fabric softener if you don’t own it. Combine one part vinegar with three parts water in a spray bottle.

Find a small, metal pot you use to cook your noodles. Clean the bottom of the pot. Boil some water, then drain it. Use the bottom side immediately as a iron. You must ensure that you don’t burn your clothes or yourself. Place a towel between your clothing and the pot if it is very thin. To avoid melting, don’t place the pot on vinyl or other plastic decorations.

Rolling is a great option for wrinkles that aren’t easily removed by heat or steam. You can roll the wrinkled clothes as tightly as possible into a burrito. For about an hour, place it under a heavy mattress or other support. It should be unrolled, and wrinkles should be gone.

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