Anna Faris Has Opened Up About Her Son’s Health Issues

Anna Faris talked to Jimmy Kimmel, his wife Molly McNeary, about her heartbreak at dealing with her son’s health problems in a recent episode her podcast Unqualified.

Jack, five-year-old Jack, is a joint child of Chris Pratt and Jack. Jack was born prematurely two months ago, resulting in many medical complications.

It was a shock when Jack was born two months prematurely. Anna explained that suddenly your entire world changes.”

Jack had several surgeries. He had several hernia operations, a few eye surgery, and had a slight heart problem.

Jack! Growing up! This is post-performance, so I just want him to be tackled. He wants his shirt to come off. I’m not sure which is more hyper.

In her book Unqualified, the 41-year old has spoken previously about Jack’s health problems.

Anna wrote that Jack was suffering from severe brain bleeding. Anna informed Chris and Chris that there was a possibility that Jack could become developmentally disabled. “I was shocked… Chris and I tried to hold hands, hope and face it together.

She stated that Chris was “amazing” during the entire experience.

She wrote that “He decorated my bedroom with posters and photographs and he came every night after work with desserts and, sometimes, a 6-pack of beer for me. He’d just sit down with me and hold me or crawl into my bed.”

He declared, in defiance, that he was building a nest and laying his eggs.

After their ordeal, the couple joined the Global Alliance to Prevent Stillbirth and Prematurity. This group is dedicated to ending stillbirths and premature births.

“The nurses and doctors who helped us were so supportive, it inspired Chris and me to get involved with this.

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