Toasted Coconut Hair Is Most Covetable Hair Hue Right Now

First, there was cold brew coffee hair, then glass hair and now, there’s a new Instagram inspired hairstyle that the fashion set is obsessed with. Introducing toasted coconut hair. Not only a delicious addition to granola and smoothie bowls, toasted coconut is also a chic hue.

What exactly is toasted coconut hair?

Technically speaking, the term is used to describe tresses with dark brown roots that subtly fade into a light platinum blonde colour through the mid-lengths and ends. A variation on last season’s bronde trend, toasted coconut is the 2018 way to melt brown and blonde shades together.


Try toasted coconut hair if you have…

Naturally dark hair. American-based colourist Ami Rexroth told Allure that brunettes are the best candidates, adding that it’s a low-maintenance way to add bright tones. Plus, “you won’t have to worry about root touch-ups because the look will just become toastier, if you will, as your hair grows.”


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