Brooke Shields’ Daughter Grier Is All Grown Up!

Brooke Shields, an iconic Hollywood actress, is well-known for her stunning looks. She made her debut at 12 with the controversial role in Pretty Baby, and it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree.

Grier Hammond Hency was the star’s youngest child. She supported her mother at the 2018 Hamptons Classic Grand Prix.

Brooke Shields, Grier Hammond Hency

Brooke and Chris Henchy share a 12-year-old Grier. Brooke is also a screenwriter.

Brooke has spoken out about her body image struggles in the past. But Brooke says that her daughters (she’s also mother to Rowan, a 15-year-old girl) are “confident” as well as “well-adjusted”.

Brooke, 12 years old, in “Pretty Baby.”

Porter told her that “[My daughters] have so much more maturity than I did, and are much more confident in themselves,” she said back in June. They have the same stubbornness, strength and intelligence as I do, but they are also more well-adjusted. That makes me jealous. It was my creation.”

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