Charlize Theron Finally Addresses Those Brad Pitt Dating Rumours

There have been rumours flying around for the past year that Charlize Theron dated Brad Pitt and in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the actress finally came clean.

The segment saw Charlize join the couch with Bombshell co-stars Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie and Ellen decided to plat a game of Who Would Charlize Rather.

Throughout the game, the three stars discussed potential suitors for Charlize and Brad’s name popped up.

Brad was briefly linked to Charlize when reports came in that the couple were ‘ridiculously touchy-feely’ at Hotel Chateau Marmont.

“I did not date Brad,” Nicole quipped.

“Apparently I did,” Charlize said.

Nicole’s ex Lenny Kravitz also came up.

“This is awkward, move on,” said Nicole awkwardly. “This is so…. ‘I love Lenny, I so recommend him.”

Other names came up including Drake, Harry Styles and Trevor Noah.

“But am I Drake’s type? I might be a little too old for him.”

“I could be his mother. I literally could be his mother,’ she said of Harry.

“I bet you he likes older women. I’m actually thinking that is a really good match,” added Nicole.

And as for Trevor Noah, it was a definite no-no. “No he’s my brother, this is going to get awkward. Yeah, he literally is my brother,” Charlize snapped.

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