Australian Brands Committed To Ethical And Sustainable Practices

Fashion labels are being more conscious of the environmental impact of their clothes and are promoting ethical fashion. They create new lines using eco-friendly materials and pay living wages to their workers.

There are many things to understand when it comes to ethical fashion. Understanding the differences between sustainable and ethical practices is crucial.


Ethical fashion can be described as a broad term that covers everything, from the quality of work conditions to the impact on local communities to the sustainable positive effects the product has on our environment. It all boils down to the fabric choices, the working conditions for those who make it, animal welfare, and the impact on the environment.

The growing social and environmental sustainability movement is now part of sustainable fashion. It is a way to support a system that has a long-term human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

The Australian fashion industry and companies have made sustainability and ethical practices more transparent in response to recent consumer calls. We can now look good and feel good.

Here are some ethical brands in fashion.

Spell Byron Bay

The spell makes some of the most beautiful bohemian clothing globally, and they also promote ethical practices. Their website details their 2025 plan, which includes transparency in supply chains, sustainable fibre use, and environmentally responsible dye and printing practices. Spell is on track to have 40% of its styles made from sustainable fibres by 2019. Canopy is also a partner of this Bryon Bay label. This organization was created to ensure that the brand’s cellulose-based fibers (viscose rayon, Tencel and modal) do not contribute to deforestation in ancient or endangered forests. Spell also believes in using organic cotton whenever possible.


NAGNATA was founded by Laura May and Hannah May, an Australian sister duo. They focus primarily on technical wool and knits and ensure that all products can be recycled and sustainably. The brand is committed to redefining value and challenging the consumerism of fast fashion through artisan collaborations and contemporary fashion lines that are sustainably focused.

ELK The Label

ELK is committed to excellent design and has strong ethical principles. ELK’s mission is to create and manufacture thoughtful products that support traditional trades and a circular economy. They also aim to make responsible products that respect people, animals, and the environment. ELK visits all manufacturers at least once a year to assess their working conditions, workplace safety, and workers’ rights. Transparency, honesty and integrity are the core values that all supply chains must uphold.


Tigerlily was the first brand to release swimwear made from recycled materials in 2015. Today, the brand continues to work with the Italian innovators behind ECONYL (a regenerated nylon yarn made of post-consumer waste). Tigerlily recently announced that it was the first brand to create its recycled swimwear lining. The brand will use the new technology in its swimwear beginning April 2019. CEO Chris Buchanan has been a champion of many other sustainability initiatives, including switching from cardboard boxes to compostable bags online. Each bag is made from 100% biodegradable material.

Partner must sign the brand’s code and have internationally recognized certification.

Only partners who have signed our code, are certified internationally and agree to be audited will be considered. Conscious sourcing is a method that values conduct, compliance, and independent certification above price. We strive to create fair and mindful partnerships to benefit our customers, partners, and local communities. #tigerlilycares

Salt Gypsy

Salt Gypsy was founded by Danielle Clayton, a New Zealand-born founder of the original bespoke surfing legging. The company is a sustainable women’s surfwear company that promotes feminine athleticism, diversity, and style while supporting slow fashion. Made from 100% recycled nylon yarn ECONYL (a stronger, longer-lasting, and more durable nylon lycra), the products are biodegradable and responsibly manufactured here in Australia. The brand is well-known for ethically made surf gear and bikinis, rashies and bikinis, but their handprinted organic T-shirts are a favorite for ethical clothing enthusiasts.


KITX is Australia’s leading advocate for ethical clothing and has committed to sourcing all components of its designs from responsible sources. KITX uses certified organic, renewable and recycled manmade fibres sourced from fair trade suppliers that adhere to internationally recognized social and environmental standards. KITX also works with finishing and sewing contractors committed to high-quality working conditions.

The company’s latest venture in ethical and sustainable manufacturing is the launch of its organic cotton series, “Save The Bees”. The tee is made from eco-friendly organic cotton and is free of all synthetic pesticides or insecticides. It helps to preserve the integrity and health of the environment and its inhabitants.

Save the bees: The KITX organic cotton T’s are back in stock. It is free of weed killers that contain neonicotinoids or glyphosate, which significantly contribute to the decline in bee populations worldwide. KITX is contributing $5 from every t-shirt re-ordered to @savethebeesaustralia to support the incredible work they do to help SAVE THE BEES! Ban neonicotinoids in Australia, The European Union has banned neonicotinoids. Australia must follow suit. Sign a petition to ban these pesticides. Link in Bio #kitx#savethebees#conscioussourcing #organiccotton

The Social Outfit

The Social Outfit, a Sydney-based fashion brand, is just as much a fashion label as a charity. The Social Outfit’s clothing is made locally, and all proceeds go directly to programs that promote social inclusion. The Social Outfit is an independently-accredited, ethical trading social enterprise that also provides employment and training in the fashion industry to refugee and new migrant communities in clothing production, retail, design and marketing.

Vege Threads

Vege Threads, a Melbourne-based company that makes clothes for everyday wear, produces limited-edition collections using 100% Australian organic and sustainable dyes. Ethical Clothing Australia has awarded Vege Threads accreditation. The brand is committed to transparency and ethical supply chains and works with local knitting and dye houses.

Only two women run happy International Women’s Day Vege Threads. We are proud to work with local women and many talented and creative men and women who make this business possible. That’s something to be proud of #internationalwomensday #womeninbusiness #womencreatingchange

Ginger & Smart

Ginger & Smart is a pioneer in Australian fashion and has been since 2002. They are committed to socially responsible business practices. The brand uses recyclable and biodegradable fabrics to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and excessive water consumption in the production of its clothes. The brand is committed to social responsibility by providing a safe workplace, decent wages, and healthy working hours.


Saroka, an Australian women’s clothing company, was founded by Melinda Andaloro out of frustration at the lack of diversity and inclusion for sizes in the fashion industry. The brand considers all aspects of its environmental impact, from design to production to manufacturing. It considers sustainability, slow fashion, and ethical processes key pillars for small businesses. Every garment is handmade in Melbourne using high-quality fabrics and hand-sewn finishes. Soroka uses only 80% of natural fibres in each collection. Fabrics are only bought as necessary for controlled production runs. This eliminates fabric wastage and stock wastage. Linen is the most popular choice because of its 100% biodegradable nature. There are very few dying processes required. This brand is 100% Australian, with all trims and fabrics sourced from Australian suppliers and pattern and dressmakers located in Melbourne.

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