Everything You Need To Know About Going Bronde (Yes, Bronde!)

Suki Waterhouse, Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, J.Lo…they’re all going Bronde, and it’s with good reason—the wearable colour combination strikes the perfect balance between blonde and brown meaning it suits a spectrum of skin tones and requires a lot less up-keep than an all-over colour.

“Bronde is best achieved by adding babylights or foils but it can also be created by freehand colouring,” says Monique McMahon, colour director at QUE Colour in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. “The trick is to keep or add depth, and a soft toner should always be used to seamlessly melt the colours together.”

Here’s what you need to know:

If you are blonde
“As a blonde you will need to deepen your base with an all-over colour,” says McMahon. “You would then finish with some babylights via foils or freehand colouring to add a little bit of the blonde back in.” Be careful not to go too dark on the base, though, warns McMahon, as it can give a two-toned effect.

If you are brunette
“For brunettes you will need to have some lighter-coloured foils but not too many,” says McMahon. “The trick is to keep them fine and natural-looking. Ask your colourist to combine this with freehand painting to brighten up your mid-lengths and ends, too.”

The good news is that this is a generally low-maintenance colouring technique, says McMahon. “Depending on your natural base colour, you should be able to do eight to nine weeks between salon appointments.” It’s important to be using a colour-save shampoo, too, because there are so many different tones, the colour can fade. Try the Christophe Robin Antioxidant Cleansing Milk ($51; at quecolour.com). Follow with a silver or violet conditioner, which will help to keep any brassy tones at bay.

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