Glossier Alternatives That You Can Buy In Australia

Chances are you’ve heard of Glossier, founded by New York cool-girl Emily Weiss, 33, the line of skin care and make-up products not only sets trends but also it manages to set itself apart.

If 16-step contouring tutorials are the problem, then Glossier’s clean packaging and user-friendly millennial pink products are the cure. It’s basically, no make-up, make-up. In the last year, Glossier has expanded beyond its hero products (Brow Bow and Milky Jelly cleanser) to include perfume, eyeshadow and most recently mascara. Beyoncé, Saoirse Ronan and Chrissy Tegen have all worn the brand’s make-up on the red carpet.

Unfortunately, Glossier is yet to announce shipping to Australia. However, after successful expansions to the U.K. and Canada, the announcement can’t be too far away. If you’re *really* keen then there are alternatives but Australia’s Post Mate service is almost as expensive as a ticket to New York. In the meantime, here are the best alternatives which you can purchase locally.

If you want to try: Soothing Face Mist 

You should pick-up: Mario Badescu, $10; at

If you want to try: Brow Boy

You should pick-up: Benefit Gimme Brow, $40; at

If you want to try: Stretch Concealer

You should pick-up: RMS “un” cover-up concealer, $52; at

If you want to try: Cherry Balm Dot Com

You should pick-up: Frank Body Lip And Cheek Tint, $12; at

If you want to try: Glossier Perfecting Skin Tient

You should pick-up: M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Face And Body Foundation, $54; at

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