7 Health Switches To Make For Glowing Skin

Take a deep breath (one, two…) then follow these steps to get your most glowing skin yet.


The founder of eponymous natural cosmetics and skincare line, Mukti has released her first book, Truth in Beauty, as a resource for women who want to explore the growing realm of organic beauty. With easy-to-follow advice on naturally derived alternatives that support overall health and wellness, the tome empowers readers to make considered choices when it comes to their regimen. “Feeding and nurturing your skin with potent, plant-based ingredients that have an abundance of polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants the body can use helps to promote a clear, glowing complexion,” says Mukti.


Known for sculpting the physiques of models Georgia Fowler and Rachael Finch, Kirsten King, director of FluidForm Pilates Studio in Sydney, explains that in order to get the most out of a Pilates session, deep breathing is just as important as sweating it out. “Pilates is a low-impact, low-stress form of exercise,” she says. “The use of breath when performing the exercises and the concentration needed to feel your body move in the best possible way delivers a form of moving meditation, rebalancing muscles and aligning your body.” The beauty benefits are also bountiful. “A more balanced body means less aches and pains,” adds King. “There is no stress or tension in the muscles, meaning you can activate [them] more easily and without visible stress on the face. The increased levels of oxygen in your body after Pilates means the body can rid itself of toxins and the skin can be more purified.”


Co-created by Elle Macpherson, WelleCo’s Super Elixir Greens ($145/300g) was formulated by nutritional doctors utilising 45 premium wholefood ingredients to maintain a healthy alkaline balance in the body. In addition to a host of nourishing inclusions to minimise acid build-up, the supplement is enriched with acai, pomegranate, grapeseed and rosehip powders for healthy skin elasticity. “It’s important to make sure that people recognise that when they feel good, they look good,” says Macpherson. “And if we create an alkaline environment, [the] body just functions at its optimum [level].”


Retrosweat is an ’80s-inspired aerobics class designed to give you a total body workout—and really ramp up the endorphins. Class participants don fluoro Lycra and sweatbands, completing the workout to the sounds of Michael Jackson, Prince et al. “Getting the blood pumping to the extremities [means] your body gets a good working,” says Retrosweat creator Shannon Dooley. “[It’s] a huge catharsis, and also a great detox. We work on improving emotional wellbeing as well as physical.”


Australian-made lifestyle brand Bear was born out of the desire of husband-and-wife founders Saasha Burns and Sammy Leetham to find supplements that would deliver real benefits to their overall health and wellbeing. To give your complexion a helping hand, try Bear Explore Vitamin C + Rhodiola For Balance ($90; at mecca.com.au). “It contains the powerful antioxidant vitamin C to help promote improved immune function, stimulate collagen synthesis and assist in antioxidant protection against UV-induced photodamage,” says Burns. Vitamin E is also on hand to protect against cellular damage.


Treat yourself to a skin or body treatment at your local spa. Not only will the breather from the daily grind do some good, it will give you a beauty boost, too. The new Away Spa at the W Brisbane hotel focuses on three separate treatment menus: “inner glow”—body treatments to help you relax and recharge, “outer glow”—which offers facials and targeted treatments for luminous skin, and “after glow”—including make-up touch-ups and lash treatments. Our vote? The Brisvegas #SpaDay ($230 for 90 minutes), where you can experience any three, 30-minute treatments from the spa menu.


The Beauty Chef founder, Carla Oates, is all about nourishing skin from within. Her best-selling Glow Inner Beauty Powder ($60/150g) contains 24 certified organic bio-fermented superfoods that work in synergy to support gut health. “Eating probiotic-rich foods is important, as your gut is where [natural processes happen] that affect your skin,” says Oates. “Rich in prebiotics and probiotics, Glow powder [helps] nourish your microbiome and improve your digestive 7 health—and therefore your skin.”

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