Megan Gale And Shaun Hampson Confirm Emotional Family News

Megan Gale, an Australian supermodel and Shaun Hampson, Shaun’s AFL star husband have two children. Megan admitted that she has mixed feelings about the couple’s plans to not expand their family.

The 42-year old revealed that she and Shaun had (unofficially) closed down the baby-making shop to her followers.


This photo was taken exactly one year ago. Minutes after being asked out. We have not planned or organized a single thing. I am the worst bride-to be Despite being very busy with my baby and growing it …..

Megan said, “(Meaning that he’s happy and done with it) I guess that for the most part I am too… But, as a woman… My god, being pregnant and giving birth to a child is such an amazing experience and an absolute gift that it’s difficult to believe that this is the case.

Megan was blessed with her first child, a baby boy named River by Shaun, 30. She was followed in October 2017 by Rosie May Dee, a daughter.


As I mentioned in last night’s post, it’s hard to believe that this photo was taken one year ago nearly six months pregnant with Rosie. Shaun (unofficially) announced that we have closed down the baby-making shop. He’s content as it is. Rosie goes through so many beautiful baby phases. I cannot help but feel those “that’s it the last time” moments as she does each one. It’s easy to see why people return for more. Babies are addicting!

Gale also spoke out about how much she enjoyed being pregnant. “Not to forget watching Rosie go through all of her baby phases. As she goes through each phase, I can’t help but feel those ‘that was the last time’ moments. It’s easy to see why people return for more. Babies are addictive! !”


Mother’s Day is fast becoming my favorite day on the calendar. This year is special. It’s my first Mothers Day with Rosie. I also get to spend the day with River, as it’s his fourth birthday. I took this photo a few hours after giving birth to River. This photo is my new Mum and I, along with my Mum. It’s a great picture! Next is a cuddly moment I shared with Rosie, my little Rosie girl. She was named after me and adds her special touch of magic to our female tribe. Being a Mum is a great blessing. This is something I don’t take for granted. This is my day to all Mama Bears. All Mama Bears, much love.

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