Comedian Tanya Hennessy Just Released Her Own Beauty Range

Comedy queen Tanya Hennessy may be best known for her hilarious on-stage antics and those ‘things people say to…’ YouTube videos, but now the star is dipping her toes into the beauty world with the launch of her very own beauty collection.

Just this morning at 9 am, Tanya launched her brand new Tanya Hennessy For Models Prefer collab collection at Priceline. And, unbelievably, the whole shebang has already sold out.


In an ode to Tanya’s love for bread (relatable, much!), the range is aptly titled ‘The Carb Collection’ and features the How Good Is Bread Carb Coloured Eyeshadow Palette, the I Can’t Apply False Lashes So This Is It Waterproof Mascara (again, could this collection be more relatable?!), and I Don’t Know How To Use Any Of This Essential Brush Kit.

The products are cruelty-free and priced from a completely bargainous $16.


Here’s our exclusive with Tanya.

What Prompted You To Launch The Range?

I wanted to launch the range because I felt there was a niche in the market for really real and relatable products. Makeup is often marketed as really luxe and expensive but I wanted to make something that was just like really real and authentic. I have had this in my head for three years so to be standing here today having this being sold is very surreal. I’m pinching myself!

Makeup should be cheap and it should be funny – not just fun – funny! No one had named makeup really relatable names so I was like “I’m gonna be that girl.” Orgasm is great from NARS but I need more ridiculous – like the shade Unsupportive Bra in the How Good Is Bread palette.


What Type Of Occasions Are Suitable For Wearing Your Collection?

You can wear it from work in the office to a drag show. Because you’ve got all the browns and neutrals and then you’ve got some fun metallics and the full glitter shade that is beyond pigmented. I’ve had that for months and she just goes and goes and goes.

What’s Your Personal Favourite Product From The Line?

The I Can’t Apply False Lashes So This Is It Waterproof Mascara is just so good, the formula is incredible. I sweat heaps and it doesn’t rub above my eyes and it doesn’t leak below. It’s actually an incredible mascara. I know this sounds like I’m selling my own shit (which I am) but it is actually an unbelievable mascara and since it’s come out, I’ve not used anything else. I’m on camera a lot and I get a bit of a weepy eye and oh she works!

If you’re keen to get your hands on the collection, sit tight! It will be restocked at Priceline very soon.

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