The Coolest Platinum Blonde Hair Colours To Take To Your Next Appointment

Wallflowers don’t have to try the latest hair color trend in Hollywood right now. Platinum blonde is soaring in popularity. According to the most recent data, according to Pinterest, icy blonde hues saw a 60% increase in saves in 2018.

Kim Kardashian is a good example of how this dramatic look can draw attention. Hailey Baldwin and Emma Stone have both sported cool, icy tresses.

What is platinum blonde hair?

Platinum is the lightest hair colour, but there are many shades of white. It’s worth thinking about how you look before you get in the chair at the salon.

How to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone

This color is stunning on someone with cool undertones.

Platinum isn’t just for those with fair skin. The toasted coconut trend is a term that describes tresses with dark brown roots and lightens to a platinum blonde shade at the ends. Toasted coconut, a variation of last season’s bronze trend, is the 2018 way to blend brown and blonde colors. Ideal for brunettes who want to go lighter without compromising their hair quality.

Are you ready to jump?

A professional hairstylist is a good choice. They will do the job correctly and be able to incorporate iridescent colors of violet and champagne to create a bright and fresh look.

It is important to take care of your hair after you wash it. Invest in a high-quality salon-quality shampoo and conditioner to restore moisture to chemically treated hair.

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