Roxy Jacenko Admits She Blamed Husband Oliver Curtis For Giving Her Cancer

Roxy Jacenko, Oliver Curtis and their marital difficulties have been candid about their relationship and what happened after he was sentenced for insider trading in June 2016.

Interview with Melissa Doyle, Seven’s Sunday Night: A preview of the interview shows Melissa talking to the PR queen about her reactions after Curtis was sent to prison. She also admitted that she felt guilty for giving birth to her cancer.

Jacenko was diagnosed in breast cancer only weeks after her husband started serving his sentence.

The emotional interview was a breakdown between the couple. Doyle asked them if they had “forgiven one another”.

She admitted that she had “become a fast-living person as soon as Oli was released from jail.” “And indulged myself in things that I shouldn’t have.”

Sweaty Betty PR’s owner was captured kissing Nabil Gazal, her ex-boyfriend, on a Sydney balcony while her husband was in prison.

“I don’t think I can be proud of some things that I did.” Jacenko stated that he was in a difficult situation.


“I had three businesses. My husband was in prison. I had cancer. [I] was raising] two children. It was hard.

“But I still look at every day of my life and think, ‘Wow! What amazing opportunities I have!”

Watch the full interview on Sunday Night at 8.45pm, on Seven.

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