Taylor Swift Throws Shade At Kendall Jenner In LWYMMD Video

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift’s video for Look What You Made Me Do debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards today. In the clip, Taylor expertly throws shade at *everyone* even herself.

Swift had some venom for all her enemies, from Katy Perry, to Tom Hiddleston, and even Kim Kardashian. (Read our scholarly analysis here.)

While Taylor’s feud with Kendall might have flown under the radar in 2016, there’s nothing subtle about Swift’s jabs in the video. But first let’s go back to where it all started…

Cara Delevingne Instagram

Luckily the Internet never forgets, handy for us, as we look back at Kendall and Taylor’s tumultuous friendship over the years.

Kim Kardashian insists her younger sister was never part of Swift’s squad, and that’s why the 21-year-old didn’t think twice when siding with her family and thus initiating the feud. Also, Kenny and Taylor both dated Harry Styles, more proof they were never *really* friends. However they have more that an ex-boyfriend in common–they are both best friends with Gigi Hadid.

Swift makes it known that Kendall is on her list of names by copying Kendall’s thigh tattoo and knee-high orange boots.

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